Content Creator,
Art Educator,
Architect in spé

‘best of



‘best of both worlds'

‘Being bicultural is the best thing
to have happened to me.’

Different cultures have always fascinated me, and I think the similarities between the cultures are just as significant and valuable as the differences. 

We can see both Mediterranean and Western elements in Ahmed Batman his works. His works are a symbol of Cultural Synthesis.  

Ahmed made a photo and video series focusing on the first Turkish migrants, spread all over Europe.  He is currently designing his own Tiny House, which he hopes to move into soon. Since one of his inspirations is van Gogh, Ahmed said: 

‘van Gogh was committed to progressing and touching people with his art, and with my architectural and online creations, and my artworks, I hope to inspire and touch people too!’ 



Ahmed Batman is the first place winner of the first Turkish Diaspora Media Awards. His online content has been selected first place in the ‘New Media’ category.